The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

Hark, is this finally a plot I can understand? Graham Greene’s The heart of the matter is the tale of a police officer named Scoobie who is stuck with a wife he no longer loves though stays with her because of a sense of duty. However, when she convinces him to except money from a known criminal Ysuef to allow her to move away, he starts an affair with a girl called Helen, while being spied on by a man named Wilson who is in love with his wife and wants to get him discredited. I like this book. Boy that line is blunt; it makes me once like a decisive child. Probably should change it in the edit…

I found it to be an easy read and found it rather hard to put down as I found it incredibly gripping. There were few characters so were easy to remember them all and their motivations, also the main character is incredibly likeable, even when he cheats on his wife you can understand why and without spoiling the ending, it is very sad when it doesn’t work out, but not in a forced way of making sure the story doesn’t applaud adultery but more with a realistic and very dark turn in the third act. So I would definitely recommend The Heart of the Matter as a must read.


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