Our Man in Havana By Graham Greene

Our man in Havana follows the story of Wormold, a vacuum salesman who is asked by a secret service agent to become a Cuban agent. Wormold agrees as the extra money would help pay for his daughter’s expensive habits. However not knowing any actual information Wormold makes it all up and is eventually given a receptionist, Beatrice from England. He has made up fake agents and real ones who he had never met, however when one of his fake ones is supposedly killed, he and the ignorant Beatrice have to warn the other ‘agents’ of being attacked. What I like most about Our man in Havana is how normal and down to earth Wormold is. He a VACUUM SALESMAN, not some James Bond spy. He has no clue what he’s doing and needs everything explained to him, which means the reader is less confused as well, (or at least I was less confused which is an achievement to obtain). The book is jam packed with likeable characters with very real goal and motive leading to a very relatable storyline. Once again Graham Greene’s ability to write gripping books about very insignificant things, (again vacuum salesman there is so much about vacuum cleaners in this), has created a spell binding book and a must read.


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