Life in the 14th Century: Part 4 Childhood

Lives Our Ancestors Left Behind

14th Century Childhood

Childhood in the 14th century was determined by two factors: social and biological. According to the common law of the time childhood would range from one’s birth until he or she had reached the age of twelve. At that time a child was considered to be capable and competent to understand their actions, rendering them responsible for them as well. There are many misconceptions of childhood at this time and here we will discuss some of them, and the lives of children at this time.

If you’ve heard that there was no recognition of childhood as a category of development in the medieval society, you are not alone. The idea that children were treated like mini adults as soon as they would walk or talk is one of the common misconceptions. It’s also nearly impossible to support this statement. One most frequently-mentioned forms of “evidence”…

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