Write Like No One Is Looking

lauren walsburg

If you write then you need to ask yourself a question: who are you writing for?

Are you writing for yourself, for your readers, or for money? Whatever your answer, it doesn’t make you a better or worse writer or person. It just means that you go about writing in a certain way. You think about writing in a certain way.

At the moment I write for myself.

When I start a project I don’t think about how a reader might react or if it will make me money. I think about what it is doing for me.

Just the other day I was writing about a little hobgoblin called Tuwop whose hobbies including knitting, correcting grammar, and eating human flesh. certainly the vast majority of people wouldn’t be interested in such things, or so I presume, but Tuwop and I had a wondrously fun adventure together and that’s all…

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