Writing Wednesday: Writing Humor

Being a writer has it’s ups and downs. Our feelings towards our work can get so intense that we need to take a step back. If you need a break please enjoy these funnies I found on Pinterest. Happy writing!

When life hands you melons you need a proofreader:

Writing Problems - Writers Write Creative Blog:

8 Grammar Jokes To Start Your Day Off Right | 101 Books:

Oh my gosh no This happens to me all the time it feels like ive been writing for hours and it's like five hundred words Idk man idk:

12509367_193663527650609_8190936037366014200_n.jpg (420×294):

My life.:

"Hey, Writer, Great to see you. Just wanted to say I'm really proud of you for taking on this challenge... You got this!" - Logan Lerman #quotes #writing:

Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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