She thought she heard a sound. A whip crack through the long grass. Maria turned around. Nothing. She would be able to see another person across the misty field. She strained to look through the darkness. Definitely nothing. She licked her lips nervously before starting a slow jog again. She was imagining things as usual. Sounds, however strange, were just a part of being in the middle of an, admittedly creepy, field. Her vision kept travelling to the corner of her eyes, looking behind her as she kept her head firmly forward as she continued her run, denying any fear on her part. There. She kept running. The rustling was nothing more than the wind. The rustling was nearing her, the long and dried grass being batted aside by something very physical, something running. As sound became louder and Maria allowed herself to once again look over her shoulder. Nothing. But the sound couldn’t be something she was imagining. The bushy grass wasn’t tall enough to hide any human. Perhaps a small dog. Still the idea of being found dead in the morning, burnt directly into her eyes. She was sprinting now, her arms were now shaking and her rapid breathing wasn’t just being caused by the exercise. She could barely hear her own thudding footsteps, throwing up dirt behind her that pattered to the ground, anymore. The sound her so close, it was no longer the sound of running and swatting grass, she swore she could hear wet pants from whatever it was. She wanted to turn, run the other way, screaming. But despite every bone in her body wishing, begging, to do so, the logical part of her brain still argue to keep running straight, acting as if there was no noise at all.

And then suddenly,

there wasn’t.

She slowly slightly as her own footsteps became too loud to bear. But soon it became apparent those footsteps weren’t her own. While she slowly down, the creature sped up, its feet digging holes in the path. She looked wildly behind her, tensing up, already to lunged at. But the path was clear, only her footsteps cutting into it.

The breathe was right beside her ear, snarling at her. She finally screamed batting at the air as sounds of ripping flesh filled it. Her hands met nothing and the sounds of the beast’s mouth made no connection with her body, no pain to match the tearing meat from bone, no disgusted feeling against her skin connected with the slapping of the monster’s tongue. The sounds of it, though, were loud enough to make her ears bleed, almost sounding from within her brain, her very soul. The sky and ground became one as she tumbled down, still scratching at her own skin to stop the horrid sound.

It stopped.

Maria drew in a sharp breathe as she shuddered to her core, freezing cold tears on her face that she didn’t know she had shed. She lifted her hand to wipe her cheek but the sound of the hard dirt scattering underneath her hand made her flinch and cry out. The sound was like white burning pain, even something so innocent as her own breathing made her shaking. She couldn’t move, no way to without a whisper of sound being created. She screwed her eyes shut, the silence more deafening than anything before as she waited.

via Daily Prompt: Heard


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