Top 5 Editing Tips

1) Don’t rely on a editor and try to do most of the editing yourself

The idea of getting a professional editor is tempting. They’ll fix all your problems and suddenly make your manuscript God like. But you really shouldn’t run to one once you print off your first draft. The more mistakes in the story the more it’s gonna cost you and the longer it’ll take to fix. At least try and fix everything you can beforehand.

2) Find an editing style that suits you

There are plenty of ways to edit. Sometimes people edit as they go along, I prefer to edit everything I wrote the previous day so I can get down all my thoughts about while they’re still fresh in my head. Others wait until they have written their entire first draft before they even consider editing.

3) Try and find and destroy repetitive words

A great first step in editing is finding out which words you use the most which ergo makes them boring. This way you’ll be able to work on making mire interesting sentences.

4) Research and read EVERYTHING

Think you know everything about grammar and sentence structure? About the history and geography of the place you’re writing about? Well you’re WRONG.

5) Helpers are your friends (literally)

Okay while editors cost money, friends and family are (mostly) free and they as well as the general public like having stuff to do and second pair of eyes never hurts.



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