Exam time

An hour and a half. That’s not long. No, no, it’s fine. I’ve done mock exam like this in less.

But what if I don’t now?

No, come on, dammit. Gotta actually make a start.

Okay I don’t know that one. That’s fine. That’s fine. NO IT’S NOT. No it’s fine. Two marks is nothing. Right next one.

COME ON. What’s the enocomic value of a choclate teapot? What the fuck does that mean? Jesus 12 marks? Fuck sake.

Look at this, everyone is writing so much. I wonder what question they’re on. Oh shit examiner coming! Look down, LOOK DOWN, I CAN’T GO TO JAIL YET. Okay, phew that was close.

I wonder if anyone cheating by reading thoughts. They should have shared their powers with me. I wonder if they’re reading my thoughts.



Hm. No one flinched. Oh shit, I’m meant to be siting an exam.

Okay, I can do this one.

Why aren’t I writing? Ah , it’s like on the tip of my tongue. Or pen.

What would happen if a mass murderer came in right now? I’d live. Somehow. Not to sure how yet. Well the exits are there and-


Okay, that’s an answer. Doesn’t seem long enough. Okay, I’ll cross it out and rewrite it, that way it’ll take up the entire space. There. Perfect. One down, eleven to go.

“Five minutes everyone.”


via Daily Prompt: Nervous


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