Taboo culture

“You don’t have to do this.”

Darius was making it very difficult for Luc’ to keep up with him, having his horse trot smartly ahead, not slowing down as Luc’ jogged beside him.

“You have a son to think about. a business to think about.”

“A business of my father’s and the Leader. it’s not mine, you know that.”

Luc’ tugged on the horse’s rein to make them stop, “you know me.”

Darius refused to look him in the eye.

“You and I brought down my father together. And we, together, are going to bring down the Leader.”

He got down on one knee and Darius groaned, a deep rumble that went through his chest.

“I am not the Emperor, Fenrir is.”

“Fenrir has tried to kill me one too many times to swear loyalty to him.”

Darius let himself smile at that.

“And you are his brother, his most trusted warrior, can’t you have people under your control?”

Darius leaned down from his horse, the beast snorting and shuffling in discomfort, “and that is the problem Luc’. People. You’re not like us.”

“Then let me by like you. I don’t want to stay in this place, and if to leave I must stop being human than so be it.”


Luc’ shivered, biting down on his lip, his eyes burning with tears with back burning against the ice. the blood running down his chest hissed and steamed as it reached the ice sending the pungent smell of iron into the air. The Sharman moved his knife down once more onto the left side of Luc’s chest. Luc’ couldn’t move, couldn’t make a sound, doing so would mean all of this was for nothing. On the shore beside the frozen lake stood Darius, amongst the rest of Fenrir’s men. Luc’ knew he’d be knelt, sword pressed into the ground muttering to his God to have mercy on Luc’, while the rest of Fenrir’s tribe wished for him to scream or better yet drown in the icy depth. Luc’ would not give them the satisfaction. But as the knife dug through flesh and skin, burning his inside out it was proving difficult. The knife was plunged into the ice beside him and it cracked ominously. He gritted his teeth expecting it to break immediately. but the thick ice didn’t crack under him until the third precise stab by the Sharman. The water hit his head first, blinding him and his mouth and nose stung as water flooded in. Soon he was entirely submersed, there was no light, only pure dark and horrible coldness that seeped into Luc’ bones. He couldn’t move still, held down by icy hand, yet he strained against the feeling swim upwards, his hands hitting as he did. Panic could over as he punched the thick layer, lungs burning. He crawled along the top until his hands reached cool air. His first breathe was like the first breathe of life, the water and ice his mother. But he was back under the ice in seconds. His hands flailed to find a surface, seeing the Sharman, remaining still, not willing to help him. his hands finally gripped the snow covered ice, the frozen water feeling like hot coal compared to the lake. His arms shook as he tried to pull up, gasping and wincing. Darius was indeed kneeling, sword in hand, watching Luc’ with terrified eyes. It helped him pull himself out of his place of new birth. The Sharman only then plucked his from where he rested with incredible strength and onto his feet. Darius grabbed him by the shoulder as he stumbled the short distance back to shore.

“Welcome brother. You are one of us now.”


via Daily Prompt: Immerse


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