Why YA novels suck.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret: I hate YA novel and I don’t think I’m in the minority thinking that. But I don’t think that’s fault of any YA novelist more that I’m not looking hard enough for anything good. It’s this generalised feeling that all YA novels suck and I think those feelings are wrong, even if I agree with them.

Confusing I know, but hear me out.

It’s the same story

Girl’s not very popular, meets danger, meets boy, kisses boy, finds out she’s the messiah. It’s the same plot over and over again. Or at least it appears to be. So why would anyone with creative talent create anything they have read a thousand times?


And I think that’s gonna be the answer for most of this.

As long as people love shooting stuff, COD will exist and as long as young teenagers love placing themselves in the feet of a strong heroine, shit YA novels will exist.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t stories that break the mould, it just seems there will be A LOT of middle of the road, Hunger Games copy, forgettable drivel of the same plot cut-out.

Very female centric

Okay this I do feel is any issue. Strong female leads are great…can I have a male one now? I understand that, again, girls are more likely to read but perhaps having a male lead may get boys more interested. Or maybe I’m mad.

Same genre

Fantasy and Sci-fi books are awesome in fact they are two of my favourite genres, but strong heroine can exist in the really world. Again I think this is merely due to the run of the mill cut-outs that are trying to make a quick buck that leads to this mentality. Real life heroes in the real world are harder to write than dragon riders and night elf archers and I’d like to imagine out there in the sea of fantasy books there’s a great thriller or horror YA novel for me.

The film aren’t very good

This is an odd one but I thought I’d include it. Most people don’t read, (heathens) and their main exposure to YA novels are through the movies they are based on. And some of them…are pretty shit, yeah. even the good ones don’t hold candles to the books. And how is that meant to make everyone feeling about YA novels?


So am I wrong? Probably, but what do you think? Pleas leave your comments below!!



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