No one expected the boy, the human to win. No one ever expected much of Harold. Sakiah knew what he was capable of, still she gripped the handle of throne over looking the arena. Ess’ also seemed to be suffering from the same anxiety though she had not spoken to her brother in years.

“He shouldn’t be here,” she said stiffly. He should be dead, remained unsaid.

Sakiah watched the screen above her, it focused on Harold‘s face, it was fearless as ever despite how heavily he leaned on the metal spear he brought into the arena. It was laughable given the guns holstered on his opponent’s belt.

Everyone underestimated Harold. The battle was long, not because they were evenly matched but because it was not allowed to be over until one of them died. Harold didn’t let the stronger and taller man die quickly. He wouldn’t be Harold if he did. He had fallen to the floor when his spear went flying in front of him, his enemy shooting a storm of bullets his way. But the metal would not disobey its master. Sakiah watched stoically as she could, Darlinya whimpering for even the ill child could see what was truly happening as the crowd hissing and cried out, both in horror and amusement. Harold’s eyes casted up to the shaded box for the royal family and Sakiah raised her eyebrows. Harold took mercy.

The crowd was too shocked to cheer, but Harold didn’t care he had only come to have his demands heard as everyone who entered the arena did. You didn’t come here to fight unless the only option was death.

Harold struggled to stand, willing his spear to his side. Ess’ quickly stood, leaning over the edge to check on the damage to her estranged brother, Darius her ever doting son following.

Sakiah stood, “what is it that you demand of your emperor?” the word was spat out as it was something that could never truly represent Sakiah.

“I only ask for one thing. Britain.”

Sakiah furrowed her eyebrows.

“Help me take Britain. I will rule them as their leader. For you.”

He said it as if he was offering a box of chocolates to rekindle a long dead relationship.

Everyone underestimated Harold including Sakiah.


via Daily Prompt: Champion


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