Writing Tip: 29#

Create a writing playlist. Songs that motivate you. That inspire. Even songs that fit perfectly with the piece you’re writing.



  1. Ares . Three · April 16

    Every time I begin to write, or even hash out ideas, I setup my favourite tracks. I find it nearly impossible to be inspired, or even think, without them playing.


  2. Will Pennington · April 16

    I don’t listen to music while I write unless I need to set a mood, usually a sad or reflective mood. I do have a playlist for that. In fact, I find that playlist goes well during my hour-long work commute. I love music, but I like silence even more.

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    • cafereading · April 16

      I get incredibly restless in silence. But if I listen to certain songs I have to get up to listen to them. So balance is needed.

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