It was like the ocean. When you get pass the blue shore and beautiful coral and look over that edge into nothing. just darkness. Black doesn’t describe. something that empty doesn’t even have colour. it’s like you’re blind. It feels like it’s going to suck you in, even if that’s not possible, you still need to hold on to something.

I held on to something and it wasn’t enough. The portal to wherever we created, has swallow the whole team, perhaps even the entire planet. some part of me wishing it has, perhaps then I’ll be lucky enough to see something. there aren’t even stars here. I may have gone blind yet even when I close my eye it at least feels like something. not this drifting helpless, no surfaces to grip or to turn on. It feels of nothing and that’s the worst. perhaps it killed me. I wouldn’t know, all I know is that the scratching and tears at my own skin and plucking at my tendons is the only satisfaction I can find now in this torment. I hope this is leading me somewhere. that one day I’ll find the other dimension we wanted so hard.

Perhaps not, all I should truly wish for is death.

via Daily Prompt: Opaque


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