Top Five Favourite Writing Clichés

Now if you read any of my blogs you may think I don’t like reading. so not true!! Okay maybe it is a little and I make bad career choices, BUT MY POINT IS I do enjoy some parts of read even the most clichéd parts. you may know where I’m going with this based on the title…

  1. Sassy, dry witted protagonist who hates being in the story as much as I hate reading it.
  2. The Protagonist have a pet that refuse to die despite the war raging around them. I mean I love cats what can I say.
  3. Short chapters, at least it gives me the illusion the books going quick
  4. Trying to have gritty realism but failing dramatically, it makes me smile to watch them try.
  5. By extension, books where family of the main character die horrifically, someone must suffer for the abysmal writing.

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