Travel woes

So I’ve travelled from Birmingham to Dalaman, Turkey today. Let’s just do a run a down of what happened:

My dad couldn’t come with us because of visa troubles and let’s just say my mum’s quirky at best, so I was in charge of the trip.

Got stopped at security and even those I know I’m not doing anything wrong I still decided to plan out my life in prison.

I’m a terrible flier and spent most of it in the fetal position.

We landed…honestly surprised I made it.

And it’s dark… Pretty, but the trees do appear to be screaming.

I’m here for two weeks, so if you want more thrilling updates I can provide.

Leave comment. Miss you!!


5 thoughts on “Travel woes

  1. Your CAFE READING BLOG Is my go-to spot everyday…your one-sentence tip start my day, with coffee. I can relate to your travel woes, flew several times, maybe three, and never again. Traveling the world through the Internet CAFE READING suits me just fine.

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      1. I am still trying to catch up on your blog with all your writings and writing tips. Started a blank book with just your writing tips. Have you made them into a book ? It would be included in my growing writing library! Just a thought!


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