Writing Tip: 128#

Read. introvert

Read fiction.

Read non-fiction.

Read in your genre.

Read outside your comfort zone.



Writing Tip: 126#

Let’s do the maths.


Consider that the average book is between 60, 000 to 100, 000 words long.

If you want to write your book in exactly one year, to get your daily word count divide by 365: Approximately 164 to 274 words per day.

Keep in mind that you won’t simply write your book from start to finish because you’ll need to revise and edit (and might flounder occasionally). Realistically, aim for writing at least twice the number of words you need for a draft per day (approximately 500). This will help to make sure you stay on target.

Writing Tip: 120#

Don’t be afraid of writing the new and stupid, like giant flying whales ridden by God’s (though that’s my idea back off)