Writing Tip: 179#

When writing I do the unforgiveable thing of editing what I wrote the day before writing the next piece. I usually do this by leaving comments on sentence and character motivations.    

The Game

Take care where I step, The Game is near, I take aim. The man collapses.

“Who’s Your God?”

Helen hissed and raised her gun to the knight who was now standing opposite her. He was faceless, his helmet twisted and like the rest of his armour, it looked melded to his very skin. His sword was thin and poised in his left hand. “This isn’t cornering you solider!” He didn’t move, still ready … Continue reading “Who’s Your God?”

Writing Tip: 177#

This is an interesting activity for any writer. Go to a busy public place and just sit and watch people. They’ll amuse you, inspire you, fascinate you. There’s nothing more inspiring than humanity.

Hitching a Ride

Emily wondered if a thumb could be worn out. Hers certainly felt tingly as she stuck it out again. The car past her without it’s brake lights even flashing. She sighed stuffing her hand back in her jacket. “Fuckers,” Michelle grumbled, mimicking Emily’s action. “They don’t have to stop, they don’t know who we are.” … Continue reading Hitching a Ride