Writing Prompt: 35#

A bodyguard of a young princess tries to make her night out goes perfectly.

Writing Tip: 199#

‘Having an “accountability buddy” is a tried-and-true strategy for getting things done. Whether you join an online writing group or simply tell someone about your project and goals, other people can help you stick to the plan.’ - Melanie Pinola

Peace Eternal

The booming drum overhead, Sets my slumbering pace. A steady beat to rock me to sleep, Perhaps to a sleep I’ll never wake from.   Cloaked in warmth, I wait my turn, To enter the unknown, But until then all is peace.   Above me, Through the covers that hold me, Muffled alarm and muttering … Continue reading Peace Eternal

Man’s Best Friend

“Come on we need to get out of the building!” “But Rufus!” “Are you seriously going to risk your life for a dog?” “Clearly you have never owned a dog!” *** “And is there anything else you want on his gravestone?” “Yes, can you write ‘died for a stupid dog’.” “I mean I’d die for … Continue reading Man’s Best Friend

Writing Tip: 197#

‘Try and read the manuscript through once – in its entirety – without stopping to fix anything, without even a pen in your hand. When you get to the end, jot down all the thoughts you had. This is how an editor reads a manuscript when they’re doing a structural edit – because it allows … Continue reading Writing Tip: 197#