Blog Update: Beating the Horse

Hi Guys!!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. 2018 was an…eventful year, for good and for ill. But I plan on getting through 2019 on top rather than being squashed underneath it!! 🙂

I’ve been manning this blog for a few years now have been doing writing tips for writing for most of that time. And I’d like to peak behind the curtain for just a moment.

Crossed out words

This coming Tuesday’s Tip will be my 226th. It’s kind of hard to imagine for someone can write that many pieces of advice about writing. And the truth is…you can’t. I believe in the beginning, they were all my own ideas, but writing two a week meant I ran out of them quickly. So I started to cut corners. I used author quotes and found whole website dedicate to taking small piece of advice and I just reworded them. I felt if I didn’t get out the tips then something bad would happen (like I said last year wasn’t great).

dying on laptop

But now I come to writing the 227th tip, I just feel drained and cheap. So I want to have a revamp. I’m going to write all the tips myself, but of course that requires changing a few this:

  • For a start they cannot come out at the rate they are right now. I’ve decided to instead release them on alternating Tuesdays and Thursday.
  • I feel trapped by the parameters I set up for myself. I do a lot more than just writing now and if you follow my blog chances are you do too.

And so, to allow myself the freedom to give hints and tips on whatever I want, I’m going to have a name change. Writing Tips are so 2018, 2019 is all about Book Blogger Tips! Small things but it me feel a bit more genuine and real with all of you 🙂

Let me know what you think!!


Kathy Xx


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