Isn’t that the Thing with Siblings?

She was always the pretty one. Isn't that the thing with siblings: one is the pretty one while the other is the smart one. But see, she was both. She got the uni place, I got minimum wage. She got the friends, I got the bullies, she got the husband, I got the therapist. I … Continue reading Isn’t that the Thing with Siblings?

Book Blogger Tip Thursday #17

If you have an idea when out and about, don’t rely on your memory (we all know its shit), write it down in your phone or in a notepad.

Planning: Characters

Introduction Ah the bread to the butter of any plot: the characters. These people (or celestial beings) are the reason readers will stay with your books. And while you can and should write the characters you want to, there are some unspoken rules that you should be aware of. Character stereotypes and how to use … Continue reading Planning: Characters

The Rats in the Canal

There's a trolley in the canal that has joined the antique collection of dead pests and drowning shopping bags. The canal can be smelt before it's seen. People scrunch up their noses and walk faster round here. No one wants to fix the problem. I used to hate that. Everyone complains but no one wants … Continue reading The Rats in the Canal