The Bi-Advantage: You Get to Ask Twice

“Um, Lance?” He looked up from where he'd been pretending to do some actual work. “Hannah, erm...” she was standing awkwardly in the doorway to the classroom, her top dragged down slightly showing more cleavage than she probably wanted. He swiftly turned his gaze back to her face and resettled the glasses on his nose, … Continue reading The Bi-Advantage: You Get to Ask Twice

Book Blogger Tip Thursday #21

Writing reviews of books doesn’t have to be something you post. Getting your thoughts down on what you liked and disliked can help you deconstruct the plot and help you improve in your own writing.

Editing: Overwriting

Introduction I will be the first to admit, I am an over-writer, as it stands my own book is standing at 160k when I’m meant to be aiming for 120k. So quite frankly I need this advice as much you might.   Taking out drifting plot lines We’re all been there: in the middle night … Continue reading Editing: Overwriting

Only Speaking for the Dead

“No.” He'd said the word of denial so much in the past two days, it had lost meaning. Yet he'd forgotten what other words sounded like. He'd didn't want to speak again as to speak was to imply that everything was right with the world, that something as normal as conversation could occur. “Please, this … Continue reading Only Speaking for the Dead

The Dog Went to the Farm

“So…Skye had to go away to a farm.” “You can't tell her that, she'll see right through it.” “Skye...found her real parents?” “She's nine not two.” “Fine! She ran away because we were terrible owners!” “You said it not me.” “Well what can I tell her? I can't tell her we ran over our own … Continue reading The Dog Went to the Farm