Book Blogger Tip Tuesday #26

Never feel you have to write on a down day, what you need to do is look after yourself.

Let’s just be Friends

I extend my heart and it freezes, It should be easy. They, of course, are lying.   It is taken and crushed. It's enough to stamp out any lust. I take a breath, hollow and deep.   Oh. Okay then.

I’m Back!!!…Hopefully

I last wrote a writing update on the 9th May. And this one will not be a great follow up as it will be short. In my last writing update I said I had completely got rid of my manuscript. And quite frankly I've gotten rid of everything else. I became quite a hermit for … Continue reading I’m Back!!!…Hopefully

Planning: Snowflake Method

Introduction Every book starts somewhere, usually as a bundle of nonsense in a writer’s head, but at some point, those words need to be put down on a page and a plan needs to be formed. Now, I know a lot of people may want to write without a plan, I know I was once … Continue reading Planning: Snowflake Method