Writing First Draft Woes

I believe in my last writing update I said I’d be doing these consistently again…I guess we all know what a big faced liar I am. But honestly its been hard to find a routine again, getting back into blogging and, you know, not being a hermit. It’s very difficult when I just can’t bring … Continue reading Writing First Draft Woes

Book Blogger Tip Tuesday #30

When starting to plan a story, you don’t have to plan the scenes, you can plan character arcs or themes, or merely give yourself a rough three act plot. The point of a plan is that it guides you not restricts you.

Planning: Hero’s Journey

Introduction There’s no such thing as a perfect outline, but if there was it would probably be Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It is THE fantasy plot and more importantly the general character arc that all characters go through. It is the perfect template. Hero Journey’s steps 1. Ordinary World This is where our hero begins, … Continue reading Planning: Hero’s Journey

Writing: Dialogue

Introduction Unless your entire cast of characters is made up of mutes or fish, you’re going to encounter dialogue. Sometimes it’s hard to write normal flowing conversations between the puppets we control. Nothing is natural when it’s already planned and written. But enough flimsy philosophical thoughts let’s talk talking. Back to the basics The easiest … Continue reading Writing: Dialogue