The Worst Kind of Horror: Messenger by Lois Lowry Review

In my first review of this series I remember saying I usually liked to review books that can get I reaction out of them. It makes them much easier to write about. Well I have something to say about Messenger and it isn’t good!! I never knew how much a book in a series could … Continue reading The Worst Kind of Horror: Messenger by Lois Lowry Review

My Addiction and the Apocalypse

Lisa found the end of the world was exceedingly dull. That was after the moon cracked in two, the sea rising and Them coming from the ashes. After that, life went back to how it was before. There was still the daily grind to get food (any food), still sitting aimlessly in the evening on … Continue reading My Addiction and the Apocalypse

Nothing but Fire

There was fire everywhere. It tasted awful. That scent of…not death, not smoke, not even air. It was the taste of apathy and darkness despite light being all he was able to see. His skin felt like it was already on fire, but not yet, there was still time. He breathed through his mouth; it … Continue reading Nothing but Fire

Never Trust Anyone

“Ah damn,” he sighed as he spilled the boiling hot tea over his keyboard. He tittered to himself, tipping it upside down and shaking it violently enough that the keys rattled. He was shaking. He couldn’t help it. His new camera system had only been set up yesterday and now his computer screen was a … Continue reading Never Trust Anyone