Helpless (400 words or less)

He was dying, drowning in his own blood. The little princess floated over him, watching the brown skin turn sickly yellow.


She was young, always would be young and stubborn. He couldn’t die because she demanded it. She tried to scream at him. To get up, to run. Even if anyone could hear the ghost, her screams would have been drowned out on the battle field. An armoured foot crushed him further into the ground. She screamed once more, now in furious and send out her hand, her fingers spalde. The man flew into the air, her webs cutting through his armour and flesh like butter. She didn’t wait to see his fall, once again at His side. she screamed again, what else could she do. Only her destructive webs could touch the living. Still she hammered down on his chest, her tiny fists disappearing into his chest. She didn’t stop even when the battle ceased and his body was dragged away. Only when her hands fist solidly against him, did she stop and wail a final time.


Rose by Another Name – Review

Synopsis: Her worth decided over a game of cards, Lady Rosalyn Hayes has accepted her future. She will marry a duke she doesn’t know to protect her sisters’ reputations. But when a year of preparation for her debut vanishes in the blink of an eye, Rose flees her gilded cage in search of unrestrained adventure.

Lord Robert Phillip Clarence, Duke of Brighton, lives a life of debauchery far from his country estate, and even farther from the lady he must marry in order to restore his family’s ancestral lands. But when he is summoned home to meet his future wife, he realizes he hasn’t lived at all.

Rose and Robert do not meet when their eyes lock across a ballroom swathed in candlelight. They do not meet amid fine clothes, genteel manners, debonair charm, and chaperones. They meet, alone, upon Rose’s near death. It is this near-death experience that catapults the two nobles, disguised as servants, towards a romance that seems destined for failure.

They think they know each other. But when their true identities are revealed at a house party, will they live happily ever after or will the ton be shocked to see a lady run?


Review: Rose by another name starts strong for the most part, continues that way. The story is woven into the time of its setting: of proper ladies and forbidden romance. It’s clichéd elements are easily ignored in a story so filled with beautifully immersive settings and the poetic emotional scenes.

It’s an easy book and a comfortable read despite its simple plot. In fact the simplty of its plot is what makes it so enjoyable, leaving more room for connection with our main leads and their romance.

However the novel’s finale let’s it down with an ending very much out of left field and clearly setting up for a series. I was confused by it, I barely could feel the character conflict and was left bewildered.

But despite its falling I enjoy the book immensely with its emotionally driven characters and rustic environments.

I’d like to thank Melaine Thurlow for letting me have an ARC copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

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The Woes of Writing

I’ve been editing for months now and finally have been able to write once more.

I’m very aware of how shit I am now. The words no longer flow on to the paper as they once did and I’m spending ages at a time just staring, staring at a blank screen.

And the bitch is I can’t just stop writing and hope I get better later. It bloody doesn’t work that way.

I’ve just got to get at it and keep being shit until suddenly I’m not.

Have a great day!!

Writing Update

You probably don’t know I’m writing a book…but I’m writing a book.

Yeah look at the bloody writer over here, who can’t spell for shit.

I’ve now gotten halfway through the editing phase and am now onto draft 3!! (Yay!)

I imagine most people know what that is, given it’s a denoting system I completely made up but essentially I’ve made sure all the scenes are in the right order and everything makes sense. it took a while, about three months but I did it and am now finally getting back into actually writing the actual manuscript. it’s strange how much I’ve missed writing, but I’m sure, I’ll go straight back to pulling my out because of it soon.

Hope you’re all having fun with your own endeavours. Let me know about them in the comments!!

Don’t give up on them just yet!!