The Last Day: Review

The Last Day

‘The Last Day’ is an anthology series, relying on a nightmarish version of our own world with characters who are immoral greed-filled people to tell stories about a reflection of something we can see in all ourselves. I felt that the stories told were gripping and thought-provoking, yet I felt that the endings fell short. I believed should have packed the final punch and delivered the important final line for me to think on.

However, it never came, all the stories merely ended: no twist, no clever last words to explain it all to me and to understand the nightmare that I had just read.

They merely ended.

And by the final story I found that I liked this approached. I like to think that the stories only gave me the tools and philosophy it is trying to show, and it is up to me to decide what it all means. It’s poetry disguised as prose.

The Last Day is a thoroughly enjoyable book, looking into the true nature of human beings and our selfish, horrifying and surprisingly polite hearts and minds. A great book to read and to think on.


Unity Game by Leonora Meriel: Review

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A New YorThe Unity Game_Coverk banker is descending into madness.

A being from an advanced civilization is racing to stay alive.

A dead man must unlock the secrets of an unknown dimension to save his loved ones.

From the visions of Socrates in ancient Athens, to the birth of free will aboard a spaceship headed to Earth, The Unity Game tells a story of hope and redemption in a universe more ingenious and surprising than you ever thought possible.

Metaphysical thriller and interstellar mystery, this is a ‘complex, ambitious and thought-provoking novel’ from an exciting and original new voice in fiction



This book’s annoying to talk about. Because I can definitely can see the effort put into the research and philosophy because it’s definitely trying to be clever… but it makes no goddamn sense.

One part of me wants to think I’m just not getting it, another part knows it just makes no damn sense. It’s trying way to hard to be clever and by doing so it leaves no way to empathise with its characters or understand its plot.

Do you know what I’ve learnt from this book: referring to characters by ‘it’ really makes them unsympathetic. One of the three characters is referred as such and I felt nothing for them, especially since the language is so twisted, like the author looked in a thesaurus for each word, that you can’t understand what’s going on.

It’s got beautiful imagery that again, makes no sense, but it’s imaginative…that’s really all it has. And the ending, I wouldn’t say it predictable but because of how clever the book’s attempting to be, the ending’s not surprising.

I don’t know, maybe I’m too dumb for this book, but I don’t think that can be an excuse for anything.

Plus I’m a genius.


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