The Trend Between Good Scenes and Slow Writing

I haven’t written much this week. I’ve been in London for most of it for work (God that sounds way too adulty for the mess of a person I am), so I have only written 3736 words. Which is so annoying because we’re just getting to the good part. I feel there’s a correlation between … Continue reading The Trend Between Good Scenes and Slow Writing

I’m Back!!!…Hopefully

I last wrote a writing update on the 9th May. And this one will not be a great follow up as it will be short. In my last writing update I said I had completely got rid of my manuscript. And quite frankly I've gotten rid of everything else. I became quite a hermit for … Continue reading I’m Back!!!…Hopefully

Turtle Writing Syndrome

Here's the depressing thing: I've been writing this book since 2016 and roughly 180'000 raw words to show for it. Out of curiosity I decided to look at how long it would have taken me to write that if I'd been writing at full capacity everyday, which is about 2'000 words. 90 days. 90 bloody days. Even … Continue reading Turtle Writing Syndrome

My Ex-Main Character

Hi Guys! It’s been a struggle of a week. I’ve been stuck on one of my character’s Rajiv. Rajiv and me have had a troubled history. He used to be the ONLY point of view character in my book and then became the main point of view out of four, before Jaived came along and … Continue reading My Ex-Main Character

The Confusions of Being a Frugal Writer

So I promised myself I'd upload one of these every week but it's great to see myself fail at the first hurdle. Starting as we plan to go on clearly! However last week I was at uni in the middle of bloody nowhere and didn't have the connection to upload. So two weeks to catch … Continue reading The Confusions of Being a Frugal Writer