The sky fills with clouds and the pattering is gentle. The tiny dancers turn the leaves, Until they tap their beat into the ground. The sky darkens, and the soldiers come. The army tears the leaves and bark from their homes, And storm them to the dampen floor.   They retreat, the sky is filled … Continue reading Raindrops

Before going on stage

Okay, Papers shuffle then shake Arms go to liquid Lip is gnawed Okay, A thousand eyes hidden behind red curtains Eyes watching, waiting, Judging Okay, Deep breathe Stand straight Chin up Shuffle Papers and remember one thing, Don’t fuck this up.

Wrapped Up Warm

Wrapped in layers of warmth. The dim rustle of movement outside, Rocks me in the softness of my carriage. I hear voices familiar and gentle. Only darkness exists here, Far away from the bright world above. Slowly, surely, I rest, Drifting away to a better place than this.

Loves through Life

Laid in shielding arms from the storm And held tight to never part. A whispered promise is made To hold on in spirit.   Over-fed and grumbling, The furred animal will tolerate, Grubby little hands and sticky fingers Of its beloved master it sits by   Very slowly, the warm feeling mounts, Unknown to it’s … Continue reading Loves through Life