Building Fictional Cultures

pile-of-booksWorldbuilding is essential my bread and butter when it comes to writing.

It’s the bloody plot I hate to write.

And one of my favourite aspect of worldbuilding is creating completely new cultures. But a lot of writers’ struggle with worldbuilding as it can become very overwhelming. So, I’d like to share a method I like to use to start working on the society and cultures.


Five things

  • Five things that can offend someone in this culture.
  • Five ways to flirt with someone in this culture.
  • Five things that are a sign of social power.
  • Five things that are considered beautiful in this culture.
  • Five things that are considered ugly and undesirable in this culture.


Of course, five separated points for each one is just a suggestion but it’s a helpful middle ground. It’s also helpful to remember that cultures are dictated by their surrounding (the weather, animals, ruling power, materials available, etc.).


Happy writing!

Kathy Xx

(I didn’t create this method, but I do apologise because I don’t remember who I heard it from).


Writing Tip: 108#

Love is the most important ingredient. Love of words. Of your characters and their flaws. Of truth.

You are playing God, but it has to be a loving God. 





Writing Tip: 107#

Read your work aloud.


You’ll notice more mistakes that way.

Discussion: How do you write about a culture that isn’t your own?

I literally have no clue.

At the moment I’m editing my manuscript that includes a culture loosely based on that of North Indian in the Kashmir region.

I’m not Indian, have never been, and don’t know anyone who is Indian.

Should I even be writing about such things? And if I should (which I’d liked to, the manuscript took a long time to write), how should I prepare and research for it?

Would love your input!!