Top 5 Wednesday: 2018 Wishlist

Find more about T5W here! This week is 2018 Wishlist, things in books you want in 2018 and I’ve got very specific list of things I want from 2018!

  • More Classic Magic:

A lot of the fantasy books I read in 2017 didn’t actually have any fantastically elements and I’m getting dragon-withdrawal. What I really want to read is something with straight up wizards and mages not in the real world.


  • And mystery in fantasy:

On top of the above I’d really want a who-dunnit with dragons. I know that is very specific but let me dream!


  • More LGBTQ Protagonists:

Yeah this is a predicable one, but genuinely I’m interested in reading a LGBTQ focussed book. (This is more on me than 2017).


  • ARC Books

Again this is not 2017 fault but I’m really interested in doing more ARC reviews in 2018 and is probably something I’ll start focusing on.


comment-belowWhat do you want in 2018? Comment below!!




Discussion: How do you write about a culture that isn’t your own?

I literally have no clue.

At the moment I’m editing my manuscript that includes a culture loosely based on that of North Indian in the Kashmir region.

I’m not Indian, have never been, and don’t know anyone who is Indian.

Should I even be writing about such things? And if I should (which I’d liked to, the manuscript took a long time to write), how should I prepare and research for it?

Would love your input!!