Writing Tip: 130#

When editing ask yourself these questions as you go:

  • How does this chapter contribute to the story arc (what is its point?)
  • Is there any section that could be more concise or flow better?
  • Are all character motivations clear?
  • Am I giving readers a clear enough sense of place with setting description?
  • Would a first-time reader have enough information to make sense of the story, its plot and sequence of events?



Writing Tip: 117#

41V72kFUg+L._SL500_AC_SS350_I use colours to difference different plot threads and characters while planning and then to criticise when editing.


Writing Tip: 107#

Read your work aloud.


You’ll notice more mistakes that way.

Writing Tip: 102#


Highlighters and stationary are your friends.

Between Character and Story

Let me tell you about my charatcer Divya. Divya is a shy thirteen year old slave with a navie mind and fascinated with the stars and moons of her planet. Every word I write for her fits her character perfectly. She has a life outside of her arc filled with friends and love and hobbies and hope and dreams. She is by far the best character I have ever written and favourite to write.

And I’m deleting her.

I always thought it harsh saying that if it wasn’t plot relevant, it wasn’t worth having in the story. But now I understand. Divya isn’t plot relevant. In fact, the amazing arc of Divya takes away from plot. But even though I love her, I realise my plot is more important than any character.

So yeah, I’m sad (very sad, I may have cried taking out her scene), and I’m going forward the knowledge that if I ever have to take a character out again, they won’t be as good as Divya.

Discussion: How do you write about a culture that isn’t your own?

I literally have no clue.

At the moment I’m editing my manuscript that includes a culture loosely based on that of North Indian in the Kashmir region.

I’m not Indian, have never been, and don’t know anyone who is Indian.

Should I even be writing about such things? And if I should (which I’d liked to, the manuscript took a long time to write), how should I prepare and research for it?

Would love your input!!