Writing Tip: 219#


Read through your manuscript in reverse.

This might seem strange advice, but often the latter parts of a book receive less attention since we read and revise from start to finish.


Writing Tip: 203#


When you’re polishing your manuscript, it’s wise to start with polishing the large-scale structural elements and work down to the smaller ones. Starting with a view of your novel as a whole will prevent you from getting stuck on going over small details at the outset.

Writing Tip: 201#


More questions to ask yourself when editing! (But this time for characters):

  • Does each character look, act and sound the same at the end of the book as they do at the start?
  • If not, is the reason for his change implied or explicit and understood?
  • Has each character’s goal remained constant
  • If not are changes in goals explicable via plot events?