Writing Tip: 174#

Print out your first draft so you can make edits or correct errors in hard copy. The format change will make it easier to notice mistakes.

Crossed out words


Writing Tip: 171#

 More editing questions! (Because I’m lazy)


  • Does every chapter heading use the same structure?
  • Are pages consistently numbered or not?
  • Is formatting consistent (amount of indentation, line-spacing and so forth)?


Writing Tip: 169#


As you revise and rewrite, focus on this ‘message’ element of your novel: What is it trying to say? What are its themes? What is the point of what your character experience and what they learn in the process? Keep these thoughts as you revise so that the craft of your story, the way you present elements such as plot and characterization, supports what you’re saying.

Finishing a Book: Deciding on a Genre

Genre is not necessary to writing a book. Your book will still be your book with or without a genre.

However, it will matter once you go through the gruelling writing and the gruelling editing. Now, all you need to do is the gruelling marketing.

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Writing Tip: 117#

41V72kFUg+L._SL500_AC_SS350_I use colours to difference different plot threads and characters while planning and then to criticise when editing.


Writing Tip: 102#


Highlighters and stationary are your friends.