Cats…That’s All I Have To Say

I write about cats often;
Some people might say.
They might end up in cat tins.




Art created in heat,

Snakes curl and hover,

They twist and consume,

Suffocating from within.


Far off through tendrils,

A fire smoulders,

Bubbles and hisses,

Blooming in the din


They take hold of the body,

Clinging to skin like lovers

They wrap and squeeze,

Until blood is dripping from their chin


Tiger Roar

If a tiger kills a gazelle,
No cries of evil ring out.
A tiger is free from moral.
People agree this without doubt.

And yet our own is bound,
To abide by the laws of old
Why should not I yearn for the taste of blood,
Or the want to feel skin turn cold?

Oh, scream as you wish,
Cry evil if you must,
But I am an animal,
I only wish to feed my lust

Dark Walls


Dark walls shadow overhead,

From their ledge, corpses burn,

The streets boils in rivers of water,

Turned red by grief and agony.

Naked whores and savage beasts fill our city,

Gone is the swaying green beauty of before.

When an angel has left us,

Sin is all that is remains in memory.

Hell is our lives,

Brimstone replaces home,

Demons become friends,

And yet the masses remain ignorant.

Do they see as I do?

The Hell that we inhabit,

Perhaps they will soon,

When their streets boil red with my blood.

21st Century Siren

Sea Siren

I twist and bend,

Art in motion,

To be shunned and despised.

How can they say that when they can’t stop watching?


Watch they do,

They do, they do

Their eyes pressing where their hands can’t,

Wish on…wish on pitiful men.


A temptress in a noisy city centres,

A modern-day siren,

The sirens of old fed upon their victims,

Now we must beg for money.

Green Eyed Owl

Green Eyed Owl

Oh God have mercy on me,

An elegance circles over my head,

Indescribable and unobtainable,

It calls to me, she cries my name.


Oh God have mercy on me,

I ache for a touch of soft skin and feather,

My love is close but cannot feel,

And weeps, oh my heart she weeps.


Oh God have mercy on me,

To reach is to burn fingers and wings alike,

We can only dream of beyond this wall of fire

Where she is free, where we can both be free.


Oh God have mercy on me,

Forced upon my ears is her screaming.

She was always stronger than me,

and so, she burns, she burns for me.


I hope to cut the rope that binds our souls,

I’ll bleed but she will be saved.

I beg her not to follow and again I beg,

Oh God, my God have mercy on my Green-Eyed Owl.