Writing Tip: 184#

While researching facts for your story, have your outline in place first and make the facts support your story idea. That way you won’t invent improbable scenarios simply so you get to use certain outlandish or surprising facts.

Writing Tip: 162#

Use Evernote to clip information from web articles into virtual notebooks focusing on different areas of research for your story that you can save for reference.  

Writing Tip: 116#

Monthly reminder to WRITE!!  

Writing Tip: 115#

Remember the Holy Trinity: The Dictionary, The Thesaurus, and the Holy Internet.    

Writing Tip: 114#

Instagram is a great way of expressing yourself visually rather than in writing.      

Writing Tip: 113#

Raise your effort. Lower your expectations. For example: Good target Unrealistic target  

Writing Tip: 111#

Read ‘Grammar for fiction Writers by Chris Saylor and Marcy Kennedy’ because grammar is surprisingly important. It the difference your writing being well-written and well, written.