Finishing a Book: Deciding on a Genre

Genre is not necessary to writing a book. Your book will still be your book with or without a genre.

However, it will matter once you go through the gruelling writing and the gruelling editing. Now, all you need to do is the gruelling marketing.

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My Convention Experiences

I’m not a big convention goer, the only ones I’ve been to are writing ones…

Good thing I have a blog about writing!


Get ready for a load of free books

People love giving away books at conventions…too many books. I now have a shelf devoted to free books. You get free books on the door, then more as you go into different rooms, you better hope they’re a good read.


Putting this many anti-social people in one room may not be the best idea

I don’t know about you but I hate bloody communicating people…no offense. But what I’ve come to realise is that most writers are also weird shut-ins who refuse to talk. And nothing is more awkward than when EVERYONE in the room doesn’t know who to start a conversation.


Group workshops are definitely not the best idea

Honestly workshop are pretty good ideas. I just wish no one else was in there with me and I think everyone else’s thinking the same thing.


Civil war: Traditional vs. Self publishing

A strange thing happens at writing conventions, especially panels. You’re either Team ‘in it for the money’ or Team ‘putting in the effort’ and you may be able to tell which side I’ve taken if only because Traditional published author seem to be the only ones allowed on panel.



So have you ever been to a writing convention? Do you want to? Or have I offended you with my team choices?

Let me know below.


Writing tip: #4

I think before publishing a book, you need to understand there are three types of publishing: self, small press, traditional. Traditional is the one most people know of, where you need to get an agent before publishers will touch you with a ten-foot pole. small press, is a more informal type of traditional publishing with smaller circles. self-publishing means everything is up to you, but also mean everything is up to you. choose the one that suits you before going further.