Spare any Change?

The party behind her with its bright lights and loud music felt like another world, a forcefield that kept it contained in a different universe away from the damp and darks streets she now had to wobble down. Her heels were in her hand and she tried to pull down the wrap around dress that … Continue reading Spare any Change?

Rat Trap

Hunger kept the rat moving forward. Constant hunger. The smell of anything that could keep it going for just one more day kept it going. It was blind with the promise of food. The snap came in the same instant its spine cracked. Life faded quickly, yet it still reach feebly and bit down.

Man in the Mirror

The man before me only has one arm. It's the most striking thing about him, for other than that, he is nothing of note. He wears a worn in fleece and blue jeans, a belt wrapped tightly around them. He must have been around thirty, but despite that his hair was already greying. His brown … Continue reading Man in the Mirror

Day Off

Dan collapsed back into his chair and closed his heavy eyes. Two muggings, a bank robbery and three attempts at destroying the city. He sighed, maybe it was time to move house. Smudge jumped on his lap and curled up into a tight ball. “Alert! Alert! The city is danger!” He looked down at Smudge … Continue reading Day Off

When the Big Boss is away

“You know I prefer them when they were God-Fearing.”  “No, you don’t,” Simeon said snatching the popcorn away from Michael. Gabriel was going to be joining them soon for the conclave’s decision. However, until then Michael and Simeon were entertaining themselves other ways. “Oh, sure please continue your sinful talk you…heathen.” “Perhaps this is good … Continue reading When the Big Boss is away


My hands are red. Everything is now. I stumble to the water side. “Stand down!” He heard another gunshot but the bullet imploded before it reached him. Like everything else. The ground shakes as my sore feet limp across it, even the air vibrates around me. I look back. I do not care for the … Continue reading Red.

Men in White Coats

James watched, he’d been watching it for a while. He’d couldn’t do much else. The government officials that had bought him in had left him in a straightjacket and left him in his cell. The cell had three white padded walls. The other wall was made of reinforced glass so the officials could ‘talk’ with … Continue reading Men in White Coats