Turtle Writing Syndrome

Here’s the depressing thing: I’ve been writing this book since 2016 and roughly 180’000 raw words to show for it. Out of curiosity I decided to look at how long it would have taken me to write that if I’d been writing at full capacity everyday, which is about 2’000 words.

90 days.

90 bloody days.

Even if I was writing 1’000 words a day, it would have only taken me 180 days. So this kind of got me down. I like doing things quickly but with an average of 184 words per day, writing does feel quick. I’m slow…like a turtle.

But it shouldn’t be a bad thing. I know authors that have written books in a matter of weeks. But there a catch, the amount of editing those people have do to is enormous. Granted I’ve been editing for a long time, but I’d rather not be editing for longer.