Last Goodbye

“Hey…Cissa, it’s me.”
“Oh, hi hun’…are you okay?”
“Umm…sure. How are you? How’s your day been?”
“It’s been fine, I haven’t done much, mostly slept. Baby kept me up in the night.”
“Aww…but what else? Ho have you been?”
“Honey…what’s that noise?”
“It’s nothing, just talk to me.”
“Dan, you’re scaring me.”
“I know Cissa, I’m so sorry. Please just talk to me.”
“Oh God Dan, what’s going on?”
“…I’m not going to be able to come home tonight. I’m so sorry.”
“Honey…I love you.”
“I know, I love you too so much. I wish I could see you again. And the baby-”
“Don’t think about that.”
“But I want to…they’re going to be the best child I could ever have had. Promise me, you’ll love them and cherish them, no matter what. And let them know…let them know I loved them.”
“What are we going to name them?”
“Oh, I’m sure You’ll think of something great.”
“I want us to decide that.”
“…Yasmin, Zachary.”
“Wow you really want them to be picked last in the register.”
“…Cissa…I love you…so much.”
“I love you too. Honey I love you so much.”
“Honey? Dan?”


The Collection


The tiny back room was a light shade of baby blue paint that covered over the smooth plaster walls. It left the windowless room feeling bright and calm. He loves it that way, he needed a place where he could relax.  For everything in the needed to be perfect for his collection. Each of the floor to ceiling cabinets were filled with glass jars.

The first few of empty, dirty and broken. He started actually buying jars when he was eight and filled them with shiny pebbles that caught his eyes. The plants he collected were the ones that inspired him to collect more living things. Watching them wilt and their colours fade. It had been delightful to watch.

But… the spiders from his room were better. Trapped in the jars with no air, he watched them scuttle in panic, crawling as far up as they could, before falling back down. Their small crumpled forms with their legs bent over their corpses were fascinating to him and he knew he needed more. For the mice and small birds, he caught he allowed to breathe in their tiny jars. And then he watched them panic and scream as days past and their movements became sluggish until they lay panting and finally went still.

The cabinets were mostly filled with this collection; however, his latest cabinet was part of his new collection. He snapped when a small tabby cat had come bounding up to him. It had wanted food but instead he had strangled it. But of course, a cat was too big for a jar. So, he had cut off the tip of it’s tail and collected that instead. He now had tails, paws, even the squished remains of one eye. He loved this new collection and it helped itch the itch in the back of his head.

But of course soon he’d want to start collecting bigger things…

Well, a finger would have to do.

Day Off

Bat Signal

Dan collapsed back into his chair and closed his heavy eyes. Two muggings, a bank robbery and three attempts at destroying the city. He sighed, maybe it was time to move house. Smudge jumped on his lap and curled up into a tight ball.

“Alert! Alert! The city is danger!”

He looked down at Smudge who glared up at him and kneed at his leg. He sighed, he definitely needed to move.

Desert Dance


The desert was lifeless, a barren hellscape, where only bones made home.

The wind howled, and the sand rose and danced.

When the wind didn’t return the sand danced again. They rose, intertwining together before falling under their own weight. The wind howled again enraged.

They tried again, this time the wind taking the dust under it. The dance started, spinning and twirling each particle holding onto the next. They held tight on to each other, needing each other. This had to work.

The arms formed then the torso. She breathed once and collapsed again disappearing back into the desert sand. The desert became silent before the wind whistled, wanting the dance to begin again.

When the Big Boss is away

Cinema Popcorn

“You know I prefer them when they were God-Fearing.” 

“No, you don’t,” Simeon said snatching the popcorn away from Michael. Gabriel was going to be joining them soon for the conclave’s decision. However, until then Michael and Simeon were entertaining themselves other ways.

“Oh, sure please continue your sinful talk you…heathen.”

“Perhaps this is good for you, I’ve never heard you call any human a heathen before, maybe we’ll get you saying nitwit soon.”

“Is this all you do, watch the humans?”

“Not all the humans, mostly this one.”

“Are you his guardian angel?”

“I prefer to think of myself as his biggest fan.”

Michael absentmindedly took the popcorn back; the saint was unable to stop the angel phasing the popcorn bowl through his arms.

“Why do the other humans follow him?”

“Umm, he is their leader…I think. Either that or he’s the town fool.”

“I don’t think humans have them anymore. Good riddance I say, such people should never have been tolerated. The indigent and devil possessed…nitwits.”

“My ears are burning Michael.”

The angel grunted and took a piece of popcorn. Simeon amused himself for a minute longer, watching Michael groan and mutter under his breath until he became bored. He leaned across grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Well Town Fools now get paid quite a lot to be watch by millions on the public stage.”

Michael sighed, “How tragic.

“Do you want to watch?”

 “…Go on then.”