Writing Prompt: 15#

A hero comes home after a long day of saving the city.

Bat Signal


In Bloom

In field of black

Ignited by sunlight

Suddenly becomes as beautiful as the gates of Heaven.


Perhaps the rain will fall

And the ground will be churned by feet

But when the birds sing,

the petals will always bloom.


Men in White Coats

Lizard Men

James watched, he’d been watching it for a while. He’d couldn’t do much else. The government officials that had bought him in had left him in a straightjacket and left him in his cell. The cell had three white padded walls. The other wall was made of reinforced glass so the officials could ‘talk’ with them at a safe distance. The glass shook as one of his cellmates punched it. He was a brutal looking man greying greasy hair. The other sat opposite James, watching him intently with his one eye.

“Ben,” the greying man hissed, “tell me he’s safe.”

The grey man was pointing at him now.

‘Ah shit’, he shuffled in the suit, feeling it tighten around him.

“Oh, I’m safe,” James said, “completely safe.”


He jumped, his arms tighter around his chest and twitched in pain, the grey man now stood over him.

“I’m not talking to you.”

“He’s safe Henry. He’s one of us.”

Slowly, much slower than James would have liked, Henry backed away.

“What…what’s going on?” James asked.

“Oh, you don’t know!” Henry screamed, bashing his fist against the glass, “Fucking sheep.”

“You’re like us,” Ben said, still staring at him. James didn’t know if the one-eyed man had blinked yet. “You know.”

James shifted back. Could he trust them? The government wanted to know what he knew. About the secrets he’d uncovered. It wouldn’t be the first they had tried to do so. He jumped, nearly falling over as Henry hit his head against the glass as he screamed. Yes, he could trust them.
He swallowed, “about the drugs?”

“Hah!” Henry turned back to him, his oily hair sticking to his cheek, his eyes bulging, “the pills? That’s only the start! The chemicals in the air, the signs they put around our kids! You know nothing!”

James finally fell to the floor, his heart pounding against the jacket. He couldn’t escape, the raging man now striding closer to him. Henry pulled him up and slammed him against the wall.

“Please don’t, please.”

Henry paid him no mind, instead he seethed through his gritted teeth and his stale breath wafted over James’ face. He tried not to grimace.

“Soon you’ll see.”

He released James and returned to his glass beating. James, on the other hand felt a cold sweat drip over his skin. The walls were too bright. The room was blinding. Was this the chemicals Henry was talking about?

“Breathe,” Ben said, “In here, it’s not a good idea to lose your sanity.

He sighed. He couldn’t, he needed to tell everyone.

“Why are you in here?” James asked the older man across from him, “Do you know the truth as well?”

“I am the truth,” he replied and said nothing else.

“Why…why am I still alive? I killed one of their uncover agents, they were pretending to be my friend, but I knew who they were. I thought they’d kill me.”

“No,” Ben shook his head, “they need us alive.”


“So, they can experiment on us,” Henry answered, “they pretend this is a hospital but it’s all a lie. They want test their new drugs of us to use on everyone else.”

To use on his family.

“I can’t let that happen.” He tried to stand but fell to the floor once more.

“Finally, you understand,” Ben said.

“Here,” Henry pulled him up, “I’ll help you get out of this.” He started tugging at the straps of James’ jacket.

“Thanks. We’ll show them all.”

The door behind the glass opened and Henry flung himself at the glass so hard it shook.

“Get me out of here you fucker!”

The man dressed in white didn’t flinch from Henry.

“Hey!” James shouted, and the man now looked to him, “you can’t keep us in here, we’ll escape and tell the world the truth.”

The man didn’t even blinked and spoke into the Dictaphone in his hand.

“Patient 301 appears to have successful integrated with the group, however our hopes that their collective disillusions communicated to each other would help improve their dissociation have…not come true.”

“No, you asshole, you can’t hide the truth!” The man turned away, “we will tell the world what you are doing! We will reveal your plans to everyone!” James continue to shout even when the door locked shut behind the man dressed in white.


Only I could hear the steel and rain whisper stories,

If I could have listened to the voice of reason in my mind,

I’d know how I lost you.


We always tread circles in the water,

Raging endlessly and ignorant to our limited time.

Only I could hear steel and rain whisper stories.


Round and round we go, expecting something different, me and you, my little marauder,

For we can never leave this loop of fury, well, I could never leave you behind.

I’d know how I lost you.


Perhaps you saw different, and wishing to break our cycle, my little wanderer

Into the rain you went, rushing at speed to convince yourself everything would be fine

Only I could hear the steel and rain whisper stories.


You strayed too far, you didn’t the on comer

Now they have taken you, in the water I can see your outline.

I’d know how I lost you.


For what it is worth my little daughter

And I’m sorry I could never seek out what you were so eager to find

If only I could hear the steel and rain whisper stories

I’d know how I lost you.



Writing Tip: 108#

Love is the most important ingredient. Love of words. Of your characters and their flaws. Of truth.

You are playing God, but it has to be a loving God.