Writing Tip: 117#

I use colours to difference different plot threads and characters while planning and then to criticise when editing.  

Writing Tip: 116#

Monthly reminder to WRITE!!  

Writing Tip: 115#

Remember the Holy Trinity: The Dictionary, The Thesaurus, and the Holy Internet.    

Writing Tip: 114#

Instagram is a great way of expressing yourself visually rather than in writing.      

Writing Tip: 108#

Love is the most important ingredient. Love of words. Of your characters and their flaws. Of truth. You are playing God, but it has to be a loving God.       

Writing Tip: 107#

Read your work aloud. You'll notice more mistakes that way.

Writing Tip: 106#

The hardest bit of writing always comes at the 30,000 word mark. Keep going. After 50,000, the hill slopes in your favour.