Ten days that shook the world by John Reed Review

This is a bit niche but nonetheless I found myself reading it, so let’s look at it!

Synopsis: American Journalist John Reed describes first hand the events leading up to the October Revolution in this piece of nonfiction.

Review: I like my War Time Russia for…something reason and I like a good piece of nonfiction. I started reading and a chapter in and an hour later I stopped reading. It’s dull, which is saying something really given I’ve stuck out through drier piece of nonfiction. I think my main problem it gives too much information without background details. This is main a problem of the time period it was written in. Early 20th century has never agreed with me as it likes to plunge readers into the deep end of stories without context and I just can’t sit through a story like that, fiction or nonfiction. However, this has the added bonus of being a primary source to the October Revolution, though doesn’t take away from it being a piece of its time.