I clasp a hand to my mouth,

As the front door opens,

Someone else is in the house.


I shake as they walk upstairs,

I am so excited.

I hold the knife out waiting.


You Are Not Prefect

It’s an awful thing to hear, but something we all understand: we’re not perfect. Despite everything we still have flaws.


You are the best writer out there.

Neither am I.

No one is.


I think we should take comfort in that fact, when it all feels for nought and we feel like we can’t do anymore, we are not perfect.


So, there is always tomorrow to become better.


Author’s Note: I’ve been struggling through my editing recently and have been feeling quite low about it, so I just thought I should write a small piece about it.

And just to cover all my bases: the title is irony, I know it’s spelt wrong.

Writing Tip: 170#


‘Motivational tells explain motive, frequently before the character has even exhibited the action. For example, “To stop the mugger, John threw a rock at the guy’s head.” This tells readers why John threw the rock, explaining the action instead of showing it. Look for ways to rewrite any motivational tells in a way that readers can guess the motivation by the way the character acts, thinks, or speaks. “John threw a rock at they mugger’s head. The man yelped and crashed to the sidewalk.” We can guess he threw the rock to stop him.’

– Janice Hardy

Writing Tip: 169#


As you revise and rewrite, focus on this ‘message’ element of your novel: What is it trying to say? What are its themes? What is the point of what your character experience and what they learn in the process? Keep these thoughts as you revise so that the craft of your story, the way you present elements such as plot and characterization, supports what you’re saying.