I’m Back!!!…Hopefully

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I last wrote a writing update on the 9th May. And this one will not be a great follow up as it will be short. In my last writing update I said I had completely got rid of my manuscript. And quite frankly I’ve gotten rid of everything else. I became quite a hermit for the last two months.

I have done NOTHING but plan my new novel. I have also written the first 35’000 words. Its…going to be looooong. Currently the estimated final word count is 302’243. It certainly feels like it will be that long.

But I don’t want to talk about that right now. I want to look to the future of everything else. Getting back into blogging, Twitter and Instagram is harder than expected. I’m a creature of routine and as it stands, writing is currently my only routine.

So I’m going to be a bit slow into writing poetry and flash fiction. But I have big plans for writing advice given I’ve essentially reinvented everything I do when I plan, write and record it.

But anyway, this is me putting my toe back in the pool of WordPress and hopefully I’ll be able to write something more substantial next week!


So I got Rid of my Manuscript

Soooo…. I scrapped my novel.


editing (1)

If you weren’t aware, on the last episode of ‘watching Kathy’s dreams burn to the ground’ I gave the first third of my book to my dad, who is also a writer. I really didn’t want to give anyone my book before it was finished. However the further I got into the edits, the more I realised there was something wrong with the story.

Something…and I didn’t know what. So I shoved it into the hands of my father. Who, after reading twenty pages sat me down and told me none of it made sense. I’d built this confusing society with complicated rules and laws that served no purpose. He was right, but that’s not why I scrapped it all.

He started trying to help and told me: if a house has a broken wall and you put on support after support against it, its still a broken wall, you have to demolish the wall and rebuild it. That’s when it hit me, I don’t want to write this story. There’s a story within it that I’ve clearly been trying to write for years but when it was stuck within a broken narrative (that I made up when I was thirteen), it suffered so much.

I like my book and it really hurt to give it up but it was fundamentally a broken story and fixing it over and over again wasn’t going to help.

So, new story! Hopefully a lot simpler and to ensure this I’ve made some ground rules:

1. Stop trying to make a multiverse: –

I blame Marvel for this one. I’ve always wanted some overlapping epic of several stories coming together for one final grand adventure…I can’t even write one book so let’s learn to walk before we run

2. Plan!:-

I do plan, I am a planner, but what I lack is asking why? I write down ideas for ideas in a random order without thinking as to why they are there? What purpose do they serve? So I’m now planning until I can explain every little decision like my own life story

3. Motivate: –

I struggle with building motivation for my characters and having started the plan for this next book I still do. My characters do things they don’t want to do for people who don’t care about them…and they don’t fight it. I don’t know why I find it so hard, I guess I like making my characters suffer through it, but I suppose the reader isn’t supposed to do so as well

I might post my main idea and plot summary on here so if you guys want to bombard me with criticism that would be great!!

I’m Great at Writing…Everything I’m Not Supposed To!

The Easter weekend has been and gone and I spent most of it writing…just not writing what I need to!!

editing (1)

I feel this happens every time I get a spare day, finally able to sit down and get a good chunk of editing done, and yet my mind always wanders on to a drafted scene further on or worse, scenes from future books yet to be plotted.

It makes me wonder if what I’m currently writing is even worth writing if I’m so set on not writing it but I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. I can’t wait to reach those scenes, that character’s development. I suppose that’s a good thing…if only I could focus on the character development now.

Do you struggle with writing in order? Do you think it’s sign of something wrong? Let me know in the comments!

The Confusions of Being a Frugal Writer

So I promised myself I’d upload one of these every week but it’s great to see myself fail at the first hurdle. Starting as we plan to go on clearly! However last week I was at uni in the middle of bloody nowhere and didn’t have the connection to upload. So two weeks to catch up on with two big things that have happened.

I still live at home which means I mostly use the family computer to write. Partly because I have developed a crippling paranoia of my little laptop. I am pretty sure it will one day kill me, even as I write this on it. But let’s not get into my crippling paranoia and anxiety instead talk about why my little laptop is shit to use (and pray it can’t hear me).

writing (3)

I have to use OpenOffice on my little laptop because of convoluted reasons. And the family computer uses Microsoft Word like normal people. I prefer Word because it is more user friendly, but is it compatible with OpenOffice? Of course not. Whenever I have to write on my little laptop (which is a lot) I have to write in a separate document without knowing where I left off in my main manuscript.

So now I’ve started this confusion mix of using five or so documents to write merely one description. It’s like I didn’t find editing my four year project hard enough, I wanted that extra challenge. I have written the beginning of three scenes twice at this point, forgetting I’d already written it and quite frankly I lost my motivation once I became blind to what I’d written before.

Messy Desk of Paper

However the second big thing that happened to me was I started university. I’m doing an apprenticeship so I’m only need to spend three weeks in uni over the course of a year. My university is in the middle of nowhere, no Wi-Fi, no fucking franchise chains (nearest McDonalds was 40 miles away!). Which is both torturous for my mind to cope with and an amazing time to get some writing done. With nothing else to do it I wrote 9606 which is really good, considering I was suffering with writer’s block for a week and I’ve stormed through a big chunk of plot, I was unable to start beforehand.

This week though I’ve got to put it all into my manuscript and hope it makes sense!

How has your week been going?

Why Social Anxiety is effecting my Hermit Writing.

Hi Guys!

It’s been a SLOW week. Works has been keeping me busy non-stop and I have not had the energy to sit down and write. Partly because I’ve just finished a huge sections following one of my main characters Valsi. Now…I love Valsi, he spends most of the book wanting the illusion of a normal life back but have a pay the price of murdering his wife’s son to do so. What’s not to love?

However Valsi is a drunk, over friendly, funny man. NONE of things are things I am. Honestly writing social situations is almost as exhausting as being in them. And Valsi has to LIKE being in them. Honestly some days I just want to murder Valsi with a fork.

But I finally moved away from him this week and back to my main protagonist, Jaidev. At least Jaidev is as social awkward as me but I seem to have hit a wall in motivation. So it’s a surprise to me that’s I’ve written 7880 words. I’ve never kept an eye of how much I write per week so I have no idea if that’s good or bad but I’m impressed, though most of that was editing for perhaps not as many original words written.

So back to my more main characters Jaidev and Rajiv this week, once I remember how to write them properly. You may have also noticed this is a completely new format for me, let me know if you want more of these writing updates or what I can improve!! 

Blog Update: Beating the Horse

Hi Guys!!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. 2018 was an…eventful year, for good and for ill. But I plan on getting through 2019 on top rather than being squashed underneath it!! 🙂

I’ve been manning this blog for a few years now have been doing writing tips for writing for most of that time. And I’d like to peak behind the curtain for just a moment.

Crossed out words

This coming Tuesday’s Tip will be my 226th. It’s kind of hard to imagine for someone can write that many pieces of advice about writing. And the truth is…you can’t. I believe in the beginning, they were all my own ideas, but writing two a week meant I ran out of them quickly. So I started to cut corners. I used author quotes and found whole website dedicate to taking small piece of advice and I just reworded them. I felt if I didn’t get out the tips then something bad would happen (like I said last year wasn’t great).

dying on laptop

But now I come to writing the 227th tip, I just feel drained and cheap. So I want to have a revamp. I’m going to write all the tips myself, but of course that requires changing a few this:

  • For a start they cannot come out at the rate they are right now. I’ve decided to instead release them on alternating Tuesdays and Thursday.
  • I feel trapped by the parameters I set up for myself. I do a lot more than just writing now and if you follow my blog chances are you do too.

And so, to allow myself the freedom to give hints and tips on whatever I want, I’m going to have a name change. Writing Tips are so 2018, 2019 is all about Book Blogger Tips! Small things but it me feel a bit more genuine and real with all of you 🙂

Let me know what you think!!


Kathy Xx


…It’s me.

I’m back…

How have we all been?

Hello Gif.gif

So, I have spent the last three months with no social media nor contact with the outside world to try and finish the third draft of my novel and yes it has been as awful as it sounds, but I’ve learnt a couple of things.

Before we get into that, I’d like to run over again why I decided to become a hermit. As of 21st of March 2018, I have been writing the same book for two years (it still doesn’t have a name though). I decided for my New Year’s resolution to do something about the fact I’m not even close to finishing, by only writing from the 1st January 2018 up until the anniversary, meaning no social media, no blogging, no TV nor films. Only writing…

And here’s what I thought of my induced torture.


There is always another distraction

The thinking behind my enforced hermit behaviour was the idea that no social media or blogging would mean no distraction and boy was I wrong. There is washing to be done, exams to revise for and people to drive about town. I’m sure these things were about in 2017 but they seem more important when there is nothing else to distract me.

Pushing boulder up hil

Getting back into a routine is hard

After three months of constant writing I prepared to re-enter society with every I needed (a laptop, water, bread, two tonnes of caffeine and the disgruntled bear in was sharing a cave with). I stepped out of my hidings and immediately burst into flames.

Three months of doing the same thing makes it so difficult to start blogging again or even just do anything aside from write. I got into a habit that I’m now attempting to break and even though I planned for April this still caught me off guard.


I did it.

I don’t actually remember how far into Draft Three I was before 2018 but it definitely was in the first quarter. I edited three quarters of a 120’000 manuscript that’s 90’000 I edited in the last three months. And while it may not be impressive to some, it’s what I set out to do and I am so proud of myself. I’m definitely doing it next year and that’s not at all because I’m experiencing writer’s withdrawal!


So yeah, that’s been my thoughts on the first three months of 2018 and before I forget:

Happy Two Year Anniversary you stupid manuscript with no name!!


Kathy Xx

Writing Resolution for 2018


On 21st of March 2016 I wrote a Document named Skeleton Outline. This was the first thing I ever wrote for my current manuscript and come this March, I will have been writing it for two years.

Two bloody long years.

And to be honest, I don’t have enough to show for it. Sure, I’ve got pass the first big huddle: I’ve written the first draft, but the end seems so far away. So, I’ve decided to get serious. For the next ninety days, up until the two year anniversary of me writing, I am going to nothing but write (and revise, because I’ve got twelve scary looking legislation books that I haven’t even opened yet).

I hope to least get pass with second editing phase, (hell might as well also aim to get it edited and published in that time).

Which means, until March, I need to stop doing everything else. I have some big plans for this blog which I need to get rolling out at some point but they’ll have to wait. Hopefully in three months, I’ll come back better than ever…

Or die trying to edit this piece of garbage.

 Wish me luck!


Kathy Xx

My Convention Experiences

I’m not a big convention goer, the only ones I’ve been to are writing ones…

Good thing I have a blog about writing!


Get ready for a load of free books

People love giving away books at conventions…too many books. I now have a shelf devoted to free books. You get free books on the door, then more as you go into different rooms, you better hope they’re a good read.


Putting this many anti-social people in one room may not be the best idea

I don’t know about you but I hate bloody communicating people…no offense. But what I’ve come to realise is that most writers are also weird shut-ins who refuse to talk. And nothing is more awkward than when EVERYONE in the room doesn’t know who to start a conversation.


Group workshops are definitely not the best idea

Honestly workshop are pretty good ideas. I just wish no one else was in there with me and I think everyone else’s thinking the same thing.


Civil war: Traditional vs. Self publishing

A strange thing happens at writing conventions, especially panels. You’re either Team ‘in it for the money’ or Team ‘putting in the effort’ and you may be able to tell which side I’ve taken if only because Traditional published author seem to be the only ones allowed on panel.



So have you ever been to a writing convention? Do you want to? Or have I offended you with my team choices?

Let me know below.