…It’s me.

I’m back…

How have we all been?

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So, I have spent the last three months with no social media nor contact with the outside world to try and finish the third draft of my novel and yes it has been as awful as it sounds, but I’ve learnt a couple of things.

Before we get into that, I’d like to run over again why I decided to become a hermit. As of 21st of March 2018, I have been writing the same book for two years (it still doesn’t have a name though). I decided for my New Year’s resolution to do something about the fact I’m not even close to finishing, by only writing from the 1st January 2018 up until the anniversary, meaning no social media, no blogging, no TV nor films. Only writing…

And here’s what I thought of my induced torture.


There is always another distraction

The thinking behind my enforced hermit behaviour was the idea that no social media or blogging would mean no distraction and boy was I wrong. There is washing to be done, exams to revise for and people to drive about town. I’m sure these things were about in 2017 but they seem more important when there is nothing else to distract me.

Pushing boulder up hil

Getting back into a routine is hard

After three months of constant writing I prepared to re-enter society with every I needed (a laptop, water, bread, two tonnes of caffeine and the disgruntled bear in was sharing a cave with). I stepped out of my hidings and immediately burst into flames.

Three months of doing the same thing makes it so difficult to start blogging again or even just do anything aside from write. I got into a habit that I’m now attempting to break and even though I planned for April this still caught me off guard.


I did it.

I don’t actually remember how far into Draft Three I was before 2018 but it definitely was in the first quarter. I edited three quarters of a 120’000 manuscript that’s 90’000 I edited in the last three months. And while it may not be impressive to some, it’s what I set out to do and I am so proud of myself. I’m definitely doing it next year and that’s not at all because I’m experiencing writer’s withdrawal!


So yeah, that’s been my thoughts on the first three months of 2018 and before I forget:

Happy Two Year Anniversary you stupid manuscript with no name!!


Kathy Xx


Writing Resolution for 2018


On 21st of March 2016 I wrote a Document named Skeleton Outline. This was the first thing I ever wrote for my current manuscript and come this March, I will have been writing it for two years.

Two bloody long years.

And to be honest, I don’t have enough to show for it. Sure, I’ve got pass the first big huddle: I’ve written the first draft, but the end seems so far away. So, I’ve decided to get serious. For the next ninety days, up until the two year anniversary of me writing, I am going to nothing but write (and revise, because I’ve got twelve scary looking legislation books that I haven’t even opened yet).

I hope to least get pass with second editing phase, (hell might as well also aim to get it edited and published in that time).

Which means, until March, I need to stop doing everything else. I have some big plans for this blog which I need to get rolling out at some point but they’ll have to wait. Hopefully in three months, I’ll come back better than ever…

Or die trying to edit this piece of garbage.

 Wish me luck!


Kathy Xx

My Convention Experiences

I’m not a big convention goer, the only ones I’ve been to are writing ones…

Good thing I have a blog about writing!


Get ready for a load of free books

People love giving away books at conventions…too many books. I now have a shelf devoted to free books. You get free books on the door, then more as you go into different rooms, you better hope they’re a good read.


Putting this many anti-social people in one room may not be the best idea

I don’t know about you but I hate bloody communicating people…no offense. But what I’ve come to realise is that most writers are also weird shut-ins who refuse to talk. And nothing is more awkward than when EVERYONE in the room doesn’t know who to start a conversation.


Group workshops are definitely not the best idea

Honestly workshop are pretty good ideas. I just wish no one else was in there with me and I think everyone else’s thinking the same thing.


Civil war: Traditional vs. Self publishing

A strange thing happens at writing conventions, especially panels. You’re either Team ‘in it for the money’ or Team ‘putting in the effort’ and you may be able to tell which side I’ve taken if only because Traditional published author seem to be the only ones allowed on panel.



So have you ever been to a writing convention? Do you want to? Or have I offended you with my team choices?

Let me know below.


Tick Tock

Looking at everyone talking about the start of NaNoWriMo and their word counts, I feel I need to get something off my chest.

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year: mainly because I’m not an manaic on a suicide mission, but more importantly because I barely have time to write as is.

I’ve just recently got into a job and it’s fine (I mean one can hardly call taxes amazing, but what ya gonna do), and I would never give it up. But it’s made me realise how much free time I had in education and how little I have now.

Everything needs to be squashed down into smaller and smaller hours until I finally pass out over the weekend.

What would be the point of a 50k goal when I can’t reach 500 words?

I know a lot of people also suffer with 9 to 5 but I don’t think it’s ever dawned on me, how little time I would have.

But on plus side, that’s only going to make me work hard. I just got keep pushing.


Kathy Xx

Between Character and Story

Let me tell you about my charatcer Divya. Divya is a shy thirteen year old slave with a navie mind and fascinated with the stars and moons of her planet. Every word I write for her fits her character perfectly. She has a life outside of her arc filled with friends and love and hobbies and hope and dreams. She is by far the best character I have ever written and favourite to write.

And I’m deleting her.

I always thought it harsh saying that if it wasn’t plot relevant, it wasn’t worth having in the story. But now I understand. Divya isn’t plot relevant. In fact, the amazing arc of Divya takes away from plot. But even though I love her, I realise my plot is more important than any character.

So yeah, I’m sad (very sad, I may have cried taking out her scene), and I’m going forward the knowledge that if I ever have to take a character out again, they won’t be as good as Divya.

The Woes of Writing

I’ve been editing for months now and finally have been able to write once more.

I’m very aware of how shit I am now. The words no longer flow on to the paper as they once did and I’m spending ages at a time just staring, staring at a blank screen.

And the bitch is I can’t just stop writing and hope I get better later. It bloody doesn’t work that way.

I’ve just got to get at it and keep being shit until suddenly I’m not.

Have a great day!!

Writing Update

You probably don’t know I’m writing a book…but I’m writing a book.

Yeah look at the bloody writer over here, who can’t spell for shit.

I’ve now gotten halfway through the editing phase and am now onto draft 3!! (Yay!)

I imagine most people know what that is, given it’s a denoting system I completely made up but essentially I’ve made sure all the scenes are in the right order and everything makes sense. it took a while, about three months but I did it and am now finally getting back into actually writing the actual manuscript. it’s strange how much I’ve missed writing, but I’m sure, I’ll go straight back to pulling my out because of it soon.

Hope you’re all having fun with your own endeavours. Let me know about them in the comments!!

Don’t give up on them just yet!!