Writing Prompt: 15#

A hero comes home after a long day of saving the city.

Bat Signal


Writing Tip: 146#

Most of us have words and phrases we love (I’m in love with the word ‘sometimes). But sometimes you might overuse those words or phrases to the point that it sometimes becomes noticeable. Sometimes, it’s best to keep a list of words and phrases you tend to use often and cut and replace instances throughout your manuscript so that there is enough variety.

Crossed out words



My hands are red. Everything is now. I stumble to the water side.

“Stand down!”

He heard another gunshot but the bullet imploded before it reached him. Like everything else. The ground shakes as my sore feet limp across it, even the air vibrates around me. I look back. I do not care for the army of men and machinery that have followed me to the waters edge but beyond, my road of desecration. Tall skyscrapers have become nothing but crumble dust howling the grey air. Nothing but red remains of the people…or my family.

“Stand down!” a solider repeats. There all shaking.

“For what it worth,” I say slowly, still they flinch and shoot at my words. When the gunfire stops and the wind takes the metal shells away with it I continue, “For what it’s worth…I’m sorry.”

I fall backwards into the water. As I hit it, it explodes upwards boiling me. As I sink further the water burns through my metal and bone leaving nothing but red.



The rock is still as the morning birds sing,

A lone deer gazes on dying green grass,

Until the buzzing light dies and the sun rises.


The rock trembles and the rage begins

The honks and the screeches begin to shout

And soon the yells joins the chorus

The deer watches sleepily curled beside trees


The rock grows cool as the night comes in

Tyre marks stain the grass verge black

The deer trots out to look for new pastures

There’s another honk, another screech and the deer falls, the grass stained red.