Writing Tip: 165#

If you have writer’s block, a break maybe be best, but understand that this is not an excuse but a way to reach a solution.

dying on laptop

Sometimes it’s better to write through the pain, other times not so much.



There are flying cats swimming through rainbows,

The unicorns are singing gospel,

It’s pretty cool.


The suns are bouncing off each other,

They start skipping away from me.

I try to swim after them.


“Hey wait up!”

“Fuck you, we only want to speak to the caterpillar.”

“But I’m a slug!”


I stay back watching their light fade,

The rainbows grey.

And then it doesn’t feel so cool.


My body becomes stiff,

And my heart contracts.

I do nothing but choke on bile.


My room is dark and decrepit,

Everything I’ve tried to escape stands out.

As I twitch and turn blue.


“Will you still love me?”

“Do I have to go to bed?” Sammy asked, as if he didn’t look like death walking.

He’d been complaining all day. Too hot, too cold. Starving and then violently throwing up. His face was still covered in dried tears and snot as his mother tried to wipe him down. He sniffled again, perhaps she’d rubbed too hard or perhaps twelve hours straight with no sleep wasn’t particularly good for a six-year-old.

“Because if you don’t the vampires will eat you.”

Sammy didn’t like listening to logic but throw in a vampire or two and he’d do whatever you told him. His mother knew him well. She picked him up, her legs shaking as she stood straight. Clearly twelve hours with no sleep wasn’t good for a thirty-year-old either. She felt just as sick, her skin was sweaty and soaked her hair.

The house had also been seen to by the ill child. Every room was a mess of either toys or dried vomit as Sammy had gone through each and every one, trying to find somewhere in the house that would magically make him feel better.

“But what if I’m sick again?” he whined, rubbing his runny nose on her dress.

“Then mummy will help you clean up.”

“What if I’m hungry?”

“Then I will make you a sandwich.”

“Will you be awake?”

She was falling asleep as she walked upstairs.

“Of course,” she said, convincingly enough for a small child to believe.

He buried his face into her shoulder.

“I’m sorry mummy. Do you still love me?”

“Of course,” she repeated. Well, maybe she could forgive him in a couple of years. After all she had twelve more years of this to come.

Mom with child.jxr



The tang of metal is tasted before the trigger is pulled,

It’s the taste of blood that comes with the bullets.

Next, comes the pain.


They scream, they swear,

(Quite right to do so)

But fools they are as they flail their arms,

Doing little to stop the searing metal.


They’re too young to try and go against me,

Too surprised to reach their weapons,

Too panicked to run.

They’re pitiful as they beg.

Oh well, I think as another falls.


The dust settles on still bodies.

The spattering of bullets falls silent.

I walk over the horrors of red,

And reached down, my hands covered in their blood.

Through the gore of flesh, I pick up a small radio and say,

“I’m coming for you next.”

Last Goodbye

“Hey…Cissa, it’s me.”
“Oh, hi hun’…are you okay?”
“Umm…sure. How are you? How’s your day been?”
“It’s been fine, I haven’t done much, mostly slept. Baby kept me up in the night.”
“Aww…but what else? Ho have you been?”
“Honey…what’s that noise?”
“It’s nothing, just talk to me.”
“Dan, you’re scaring me.”
“I know Cissa, I’m so sorry. Please just talk to me.”
“Oh God Dan, what’s going on?”
“…I’m not going to be able to come home tonight. I’m so sorry.”
“Honey…I love you.”
“I know, I love you too so much. I wish I could see you again. And the baby-”
“Don’t think about that.”
“But I want to…they’re going to be the best child I could ever have had. Promise me, you’ll love them and cherish them, no matter what. And let them know…let them know I loved them.”
“What are we going to name them?”
“Oh, I’m sure You’ll think of something great.”
“I want us to decide that.”
“…Yasmin, Zachary.”
“Wow you really want them to be picked last in the register.”
“…Cissa…I love you…so much.”
“I love you too. Honey I love you so much.”
“Honey? Dan?”