All About Me

Hi there! You have somehow stumbled your way into my blog.

I think this is a good time to start rethinking your life choice and for introductions!

I’m Kathy Rodgers, this is my wondrous (if slightly shaky) blog. I’ve been blogging for five years and been writing since…well ever. Supposedly that means I have a lot of wisdom to impart and boy does it seem that way.

We have book blogging tips – small, one sentenced tips on writing, reading and blogging every other Tuesday and Thursday!

Writing advice – big peices on how to plan, write and edit manuspricts every other Monday!

Writing updates – where I write a little about my own writing and it is going (usually not well) every Wednesday

Book reviews – because I mention it every blog post you might as well know now, I hate reading, yet force myself to and write up my suffering on Fridays (whenever I get to finish a book)

And finally because I’m not giving myself enough to do I write flash fiction and  poetry every Friday and Monday respectively!

Hopefully the tabs above can get you to where you need to go and hope to speak to you soon!

If, for some strange reason, you wish to contact me, either leave a comment or email me at


  1. It has been said that brevity is the soul of wit but i will say that it is the soul of writing. The few articles I have read show me that you understand how to distill information into a ready grasp of intelligent thought. Few individuals possess this ability and you are a member of that elite.

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