Brand New

When I first see her, I don’t want to touch her. she looks like she’ll break under the finest touches. so when she’s placed in my arms, (I wince at how the nurse holds her), I try to make my arms as soft as possible. then I’m still. she’s sleeping and wrapped tightly in cloth and I’m terrified. I need to keep her head up but can’t hold or press on it too hard. I can’t shuffle lest wake her, yet I don’t want her to be uncomfortable or she’ll wake up regardless. the nurse is giving me little instructions and I nod despite hearing them through cotton. I focus and try my best. then I’m still again. I’m terrified and she continues to sleep and after a while I realise how warm she is and soft and new and it stops being so scary. when my wife wants to feed her, she has to wrestle our daughter out of my arms. I can’t wait to hold her again.

via Daily Prompt: Tender

Writing Tip: 52#

Character Planner: A free app from Google play store and Apple store that allows you to manage characters, their traits, descriptions, personalities and story lines.

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Writing Tip: 51#

Try not to edit while you’re creating your first draft. Creating and editing are two separate processes using different sides of the brain, and if you try doing both at once you’ll lose. Make a deal with your internal editor that it will get the chance to rip your piece to shreds; it will just need to wait some time.

Writing Tip: 49#

The nearest I have to a rule is a Post-it on the wall in front of my desk saying ‘Faire et se taire’ (Flaubert), which I translate for myself as ‘Shut up and get on with it.’” — Helen Simpson